Services: Eye Glasses

Professional Eye Care Associates, Inc. provides examinations and fittings for eyeglasses for adults and children of all ages. We offer high-quality products and technical expertise in helping you select the right frames, lenses, and any additional customized lens features.

When it comes to selecting frames, we carry a wide variety for men, women, teens, and children. Options include a variety of styles ranging from fashion-forward, to traditional; materials range from lightweight plastic to metal alloys such as titanium.
For lenses, we carry a variety of options and features for your maximum comfort and vision improvement, including:

  • High-index lenses that are thinner and lighter than ordinary lenses
  • Multifocal lenses that correct for near and distance vision (bifocal) or near, middle and distance vision
  • Progressive Additional Lenses that correct for near, middle and distance vision without the lines of bifocals or trifocles
  • Transitions Lenses that are clear indoors, but darken automatically when you go outdoors
  • Polycarbonate Lenses (an excellent choice for children) which are lightweight and impact resistant
  • Polarized Sun Lenses which eliminate reflected glare from wet road surfaces, car bumpers, windshields, and provide protection from harmful UV rays
  • Fixed Tints, which can add color to a stylish frame or help a patient with sensitivity to light, migraine headaches, or allergies
  • Polarized Sun Lenses which eliminate reflected glare from wet road surfaces, bumpers, windshields and water on the road, lakes and rivers
  • Yellow Lenses, especially useful for hunters to increase contrast during the daybreak hours or twilight hours
  • Hard Coat Finish, a coating of  silica particles that are baked on the surface of the lenses that helps resist  scratches and nicks by approximately 75 percent
  • Anti-Reflective Coating, another feature to the lens that can reduce reflections and glare from lights by 80 percent (particularly useful when driving at night or while on a computer)

We also carry many options for sunglasses and sports/protective eyewear.
As a courtesy, eye wear adjustments are provided without an appointment and at no charge. Also, for your convenience, our on-site eye wear lab is able to fabricate prescriptions of all materials, therefore helping us to meet your time requirements for new or repaired frames and lenses. Express services are available.