Services: Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer an excellent vision correction alternative. Some people may think that contact lenses are not suitable for a variety of reasons, but in reality – with the proper lens fitting – most people are able to comfortably wear them and achieve improved vision. There is no age restriction for wearing them, and there are specialty contact lenses available if you suffer from dry eyes or the discomfort of seasonal allergies. If you participate in sports, contact lenses can enhance your peripheral vision and eliminate the risk of damaging your eyeglasses. Wearing contact lenses can also improve self-confidence, particularly among teenagers.

There are a wide array of contact lens options available to correct the vision of those who are nearsighted, farsighted, presbyopic (need reading glasses or bifocals), or have astigmatism. There are contact lenses to enhance the natural color of your eyes, or to change the color of your eyes. There have been many advances in contact lens technology, and with the introduction of silicone hydrogel lenses, we can also provide you with the opportunity to sleep in your contact lenses for up to 30 continuous days and nights.

There are two main contact lens categories – soft and gas-permeable, and there are benefits to both types. The material that is right for you will be determined during your eye examination/contact lens fitting.

For information on insertion and removal of gas-permeable contacts, click here.
For more information on insertion and removal of soft contacts, click here.

How do I get fitted for contact lenses?
Prior to scheduling an appointment for a contact lens fitting, one of our eye doctors will perform a comprehensive eye exam. Whether you have worn contact lenses in the past, or are trying them for the first time, this examination is important because it gives you a thorough evaluation of your ocular health and enables the doctor to fine tune your prescription. Certain special measurements will be taken during the exam to ensure the contact lenses will fit your eyes properly. At this time, the doctor also will select a lens that is appropriate for your lifestyle and visual tasks.

If you are trying contact lenses for the first time, an appointment will be scheduled with one of our highly trained contact lens technicians to teach you how to care for contact lenses. The technician will instruct you on proper contact lens insertion and removal techniques and will answer any questions you may have regarding your lenses. Upon completion of this private contact lens session, a follow up appointment will be scheduled with your doctor. At that appointment, your vision and contact lenses will be re-evaluated to assure your eyes are adjusting to the contact lenses. If appropriate, a supply of contact lenses can then be ordered so that you may dispose of your contact lenses and insert a fresh pair at the recommended intervals. Another appointment will be scheduled in the following weeks so that your eye physiology and its reaction to the wearing of contact lenses can be evaluated after you have been wearing your contact lenses for a longer period of time.

The FDA classifies contact lenses as a medical device; thus, a prescription is required (prescriptions are valid for one year).  It is important that you follow our doctors’ recommendation on contact lens wear, care, disposal, and follow-up appointments. When fit properly, contact lenses are a safe and flexible option for improving your vision.