Specialty Contact Lenses

We provide a wide range of eye care from comprehensive vision exams and contact lens fitting to medical eye care examinations. Our doctors specialize in diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of ocular disease and co-manage closely with the best eye surgeons in Columbus.

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Contact lenses offer an excellent vision correction alternative. Some people may think that contact lenses are not suitable for a variety of reasons, but in reality – with the proper lens fitting – most people are able to comfortably wear them and achieve excellent vision.

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What to expect at your first contact fitting
Our contact lens consultations include exact measurements of the shape, slope and contour of your corneas to find the most appropriate contact lenses for your needs, considering functionality, comfort and physiological needs of your cornea. We offer single vision, astigmatism, multifocal, colored contact lenses as well as therapeutic lenses for damaged eyes..
Follow-Up Fit Appointments
After your initial contact lens fitting visit, follow up appointments will be scheduled in the coming weeks. At these visits, your contact lenses and your vision, as well as your eyes' health and its reaction to the wearing of contact lenses will be re-assessed. Any issues you may be having will be fully addressed as well. Another appointment will be scheduled in the following weeks so that your eye physiology and its reaction to the wearing of contact lenses can be evaluated after you have been wearing your contact lenses for a longer period of time.
Specialty Contact Lenses
There are a wide array of contact lens options available to correct the vision of those who are nearsighted, farsighted, presbyopic, or have astigmatism. There are contact lenses to enhance the natural color of your eyes, or to change the color of your eyes. We also fit contact lenses for treatment of disease such as keratoconus.
Contact Lens Care Sessions
If you are trying contact lenses for the first time, an appointment will be scheduled with one of our highly trained contact lens technicians who will instruct you on proper contact lens insertion and removal techniques and will answer any questions you may have regarding your lenses.